Friday, May 06, 2022

All politics is local

 What with one thing and another I didn't get to the gym lunchtime yesterday for my cardio on the recline bike so I had to go after work. Thinking a crafty pint afterwards might be in order, I drove home first, and walked back.

As I set off, Lee - who lives opposite - was arriving on his bike so I popped over the road for a quick chat. He and Vera are coming over to Hammersmith with me to see PG on Sunday you see so I just wanted to confirm the details.

A little further down the road I bumped into Pat (Lee's cousin) and his wife Fiona walking their dog. (Whisper it but there is a surprise birthday party for their son tonight.)

On the High Street I came across Andy Tea and then Ollie. I did eventually get to Merton Abbey Fitness & Wellbeing. I'm not complaining but it took quite a bit longer than a head-down, no-eye-contact walk.

Duty done I stopped at the Standard on the way back for a sneaky-cheeky one, meeting Ollie and her husband Andy H there as I'd arranged on the way out.

Andy told me he'd cast one of his Colliers Wood Ward Local Elections votes for Thomas Joseph Walsh of the Green Party. I independently had as well because I know Tom Walsh and think he is sound. No ideology involved.

Couldn't help but notice in the polling station that our Tories were branded "Local Conservatives." (The Grauniard explaineth.)

My other two votes went to Labour. One of them to Laxmi Attawar who I'd seen eating in Corleone round the corner when I was there with Ben at pizza earlier this week. Andy is less impressed with Laxmi. Fair enough, but at least it is with Ms Attawar and her record, not with a media caricature.

All politics is local. All pubs should be locals. Here are yesterday's results.

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