Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The One with Home Automation

 I saw Kevin G at the Standard early on Friday evening.

"How long ago was it that we used to go to Bikram Yoga for the six thirty Thursday morning class?" I asked him.

"Oh, I'm not sure. Maybe about four years? Why do you ask?"

I was remembering the day before. "The light in my bedroom still comes on at half past five to wake me up for it."

I double checked and he is right. The last time we went was June 2018. I never had a problem getting up if I was giving him a lift or vice versa, but since then nada. I just roll over and go back to sleep.

These days the sun has already risen of a morning when I get up, so today I have removed all the automatic light scheduling in the bedroom including (what was I thinking of?) the times it comes on in the evening to trick people into thinking someone is at home.

I will try and look at the heating schedule next, what with Summer starting next month and gas prices having gone through the roof. Possibly I should be looking at tweaking my home automation settings more than twice a decade?

Inspired by this frenzy of activity I have also set the Amazon Show in the room to wake me by playing Radio 4 at 5:58 in the morning so I can ease into the |Today Programme via Tweet of the Day. Instructions by the BBC here. I have only had the Show for three years (passim). Still I can see how you might think I should have got around to it before now.

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