Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Speak, Memory

Andy sent me the YouTube video above recently. It is Thunderthumbs a side project of his brother Phil who plays bass. Andy played keyboards and Phil bass when we recorded my stuff.

Let's see if we can work out when that might have been. I first got friendly with Andy when he picked me up from Edinburgh airport to give me a lift to Grangemouth and we got talking about music as I had an acoustic in a guitar case with me as hand luggage. We were both based in Flyover House not too far from Kew Bridge station but working for Wimpey on a re-instrumentation project at the BP refinery in Scotland.

This must have been 1985, as I am sure I started my Evening MBA course in February 1986, and I was back in London full time by then. I am pretty confident my schedule was too hectic to get into the studio to record anything I had written until the course was over, so my best estimate for that is 1988.

Thirty four years ago. Well, well, well.

PS I just serendipitously discovered that the London Mastering Studio is four minutes walk from home. I was trying to track down the horrible noise I could hear yesterday evening. That turned out to be the Shanty practice, singing and drinking in George's back garden. Dear me, that is in my street.

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