Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The Longueur of a long year

 I don't know if you've noticed, but I have taken to linking the titles of my posts here to the same day last year. Here is the skinny from May 31st 2021, so it is twelve months since Paul had his colonoscopy.

Checking my email records, his cancer surgery was on 13 September, so that was more than eight months ago. Looking on the bright side, the operation seems (touch wood) to have been a success, in that as far as I know there has been no recurrence. Can't be much fun living with a stoma bag all that time. He still hasn't got a date for another operation to reverse the colostomy, though I can see on the shared diary that he has got an appointment in the hospital on June 17th, for all that will be more than nine months from the procedure.

Cramps his style significantly if you want my opinion. Couldn't lure him out for a drink and a meal with Bondy, Hugh and Jason early in April, and drew another blank with the Bookfest/Tina Brown/Royal Household bun fight in a fortnight. 

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