Monday, May 02, 2022


I went to see Whispering" Bob Harris & Danny Baker at the Wimbledon Theatre last night. It wasn't in my diary and I had completely forgotten about it until a got an email from ATG Tickets entitled "Information about your upcoming visit." 

At least I am not the only one whose memory is not what it was. They were telling a story about interviewing a practically comatose Lou Reed about the album Transformer which was recorded, or so they claimed in the USA. Now I happen to know that Transformer was recorded in Trident Studios while Lou Reed was living in a rented house in ....... Wimbledon which is where Harris, Baker and audience were last night, because I wrote it down here on the 'blog. Why can I remember a post from 2013 but not where I am supposed to be from day to day?

I forgot I was going to the theatre last Wednesday as well until I noticed it my schedule. If I can't remember anything unless I cover it here, I had better record what other bookings I have got coming up.
  • Jerusalem: Apollo Theatre June 14th.
  • To Kill a Mockingbird: Gielgud Theatre June 20th
  • The Seagull: Harold Pinter Theatre Jully 9th matinee
That ought to do us until August I would have thought.

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