Friday, May 20, 2022

A Life in the Day

 I stopped by Coffee in the Wood yesterday morning on the way to work as Frankie had told me there was an invitation to Spike and Samantha's wedding reception for me waiting to be picked up. Sophie let me hold the baby while my flat white was being prepared. I like all babies, but I particularly love babies who I can hand back to someone else if there is any nappy or vomit maintenance to be done. Anyway, I confided in the little one about some worries I have about the reliability of PayPal IPNs with particular regard to inconsistencies around the 'Pending' status when it comes to card as opposed to account transactions. She didn't judge me. Didn't make any fatuous, ignorant, or uninformed remarks. Just looked me in the eye with complete trust and made me feel as if I could take on the world and win. I still think she would be a better Prime Minister than Boris Johnson. Girl can delegate, I'll say that for her.

The son and heir came round to the office on the way back from work and we put the Seville/Real Alcazar weekend to bed. Flying out 24 Jun, 16:05 and landing back in Stansted 23:20 Sunday 26th. The itinerary still needs work, but the hotel is booked as well. On the way out we bumped into Helen (inspiration for the trip) on the gantry between the Apprentice Shop and 525's Coles Shop. The gods must be smiling on us.

When I got home I realised I needed some fixins to knock dinner out of the park so I wandered down to the Co-op. As I walked past Canedo's the Portuguese Bar/Cafe/Restaurant at the end of the road it struck me that couldn't remember ever having been in there. I went in. A framed Callum football shirt was up on the wall so I had a chat with the owner about him, ordered a beer and sat outside watching the world go by.

When I got home I finished reading my old school friend Sean's novel.

Just a perfect day

Drink sangria in the park

And then later, when it gets dark

We go home

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