Wednesday, May 04, 2022

The Englishwoman Is Up To Something

I managed to get back on the recline bike yesterday for the first time since 22/3 which was the first time since 3/3 which in turn was the first since 8/2. A lot of this indolence I am sure relates to the fallout from the months and months of Covid ennui, but for all of that it is hardly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

It is just that in these days of Kindle and Audible a recumbent session in the gym is, apart from cookery books in the kitchen, just about the only chance I get, or allow myself to get, to engage with a physical, printed volume.

Sean inscribed a copy of his, then, new novel The Englishwoman for me last December. At the time I was "creeping like a snail" through The Women are Up to Something, and what with my desultory cardio sessions I didn't finish it until March.

As I eased my way back in yesterday I read the first chapter of The Englishwoman, and noticed that I was mentioned in the Acknowledgements. Embarrassing that I hadn't seen that before, but not as embarrassing as corresponding with and seeing Mr Burke for all these months and having to 'fess up that I still hadn't started on his work.

Now I hope we can move on.  The first chapter, cross my heart, is rather good.

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