Saturday, May 28, 2022

The Monstrous Regiment

Hello, I've never uploaded a video to Blogger before as far as I can remember but Rod sent me this and it seems to be a TV show so I guess it is legit. His little girl all growed up. Much as I love Rod, I am amazed that anyone descended from him can be sentient, never mind accomplished, self-possessed, and engaging. Three adjectives I don't recall throwing at him back in the day in Putney, when - how to put this mildly? - neither of us was shy about nuancing each other with a modifier or two; fat, bald, daft, wankstain, indolent, MAD-BAD-AND-DANGEROUS-TO-KNOW.

Anyone who doesn't have such a good friend hasn't lived wisely and well. Ever watched Question Time on the BBC, taken issue with someone on the sofa who disagreed with you, and sorted it out the old fashioned way on the landing? Me, Rod, John and the other Nick have. I seem to recall helicopters and search lights afterwards but that may just be the romantic in me.

I was amazed the other week to see Paula's daughter reporting on the BBC News at One.

Fiona's daughter is with the BBC now, I friend-of-a-friend heard about her at Buckingham Palace.

If these girls grow up to rule the world while Rod and I play dominoes in the pub, I - for one - will think it is an improvement.

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