Saturday, May 21, 2022

Entre eux deux

Melody Gardot (or perhaps more accurately MG and Philippe Powell) released a new album yesterday and I have been listening to little else since. I can't remember what my route to Ms Gardot was. (Maybe If I'm Lucky on the Charlie Haden and Quartet West album Sophisticated Ladies?) Anyway Boonoonoonoos!

It's really restrained; piano and voice, and all the better for it. I'm very surprised Melody G hasn't appeared on the blog before, but I am all over her career like a cheap suit. Philippe Powell intrigues me. Don't think I have ever heard of him before.

Vocalist Melody Gardot is joined by French-Brazilian composer and pianist Philippe Powell for her sixth studio album Entre eux deux.

This is Gardot’s first duo album, and the first time she has invited someone else to take her usual place on the piano.

Entre eux deux takes a minimalist approach to its 10-song track listing, utilizing a sparse sonic palette comprising only Gardot’s vocals and Powell’s piano. It’s described as a meticulously crafted, minimalistic album showcasing Gardot’s vocal ability and Powell’s emotive piano style, coming together like a deep conversation between two longtime friends.


Although all of the songs on the album are original compositions, the duo makes sure to pay homage to the past. Both artists carry forward the Franco-Brazilian torch that was lit long ago by celebrated artists such as Pierre Barouh, Vinicius de Moraes and Philippe Powell’s father, the guitarist and composer Baden Powell.
Franco-Brazilian? New to me, but we have the beginnings of a to-do list above.

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