Sunday, April 24, 2022

Android Auto

Regular readers will not need any convincing that I am as stupid as a goose. After calling on Mum yesterday I met up with John and his girls. We were all set on a sociable lunch, but fate played the straight man. They were in, and had long been in, the EE shop in Cardiff's Queen Street attempting to get new and "more better" iPhones. It just went on and on. They had to upgrade iOS on their "legacy" phones in order to sync their existing data with the new models.

Estimated time to completion: 6 hours, God give me strength.

Any roads, about 90 minutes in I eventually realized that if I needed a USB A male to USB C male connector with a short cable (passim), it wasn't beyond the bounds of possibility I could get one in a mobile phone shop. I struck like a cobra and went home with one.

Thus my Google Pixel 4a phone can now be plugged in to my Ford Focus's USB port. This seems to kick off something called Android Auto. A subset of the phone's Android apps appear on the car's central screen. Most crucially Audible is among them. Somehow merely by invoking the Springsteen biography from it I have downloaded files to the phone and will be able to listen to him reading his book as I am driving back to London from Wales.

Elaborations and extrapolations will no doubt occur to me in the future as I get my head around it, but this is enough with which to be getting on.

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