Monday, April 04, 2022

Night 502

 I'm still working (Icons passim) through the Arabian Nights at a rate of one a day. I missed yesterday though, what with a late night on Saturday then catering for, and getting along to, our Boat Race party at Hammersmith.

Back on the bike this morning:

Night 502: The surviving mamluks go off to explore the island while Jansah waits with the boat. When they report finding a magnificent marble fortress he comes to see if for himself. They eat from the orchard in its grounds, then Jansah sits on the throne in the hall and weeps feeling sorry for himself.

A group of apes appear. It is their fortress and their island, but they treat their visitors as honoured guests.

Janshah then, using sign language, asks the leaders of the apes to tell him about themselves and the builder of the fortress. In the same language they reply: ‘Know that this place belonged to our master, Solomon, son of David, on both of whom be peace, who used to come here on pleasure once a year and then leave us.’

... which would seem to mean that, if there really are 1,001 Nights I am over half way there.

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