Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Cultural Vandalism: The Great Sex Experiment


 Nadine Dorries presses ahead with plan to privatise Channel 4

Ministers hope to raise £1bn from sell-off ending broadcaster’s 40 years in public ownership....

The shadow culture secretary, Lucy Powell, described the move as “cultural vandalism”. She said: “Selling off Channel 4, which doesn’t cost the tax-payer a penny anyway, to what is likely to be a foreign company, is cultural vandalism......

A Channel 4 spokesperson said the government’s announcement on Monday had been “made without formally recognising the significant public interest concerns which have been raised” during the consultation process.

Channel 4 Website

Do you fancy taking part in 'Open House:  The Great Sex Experiment'? 

Are you part of an adventurous couple wh​o want to explore opening up?

Or would you like to be one of the retreat's single residents? 

In this bold concept, committed couples come to a luxury retreat to test whether opening up their relationships and having sex with other people will strengthen their bond... and the show's producers Firecracker Films are looking for participants to take part in any potential future series.


Sometimes comment is superfluous. As I write all these links are genuinely up and running.

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