Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Old Ruts 'Head to Heads'

I still get the Old Ruts Newsletter. Yesterday's (here) talks about the 2022 Annual Dinner. Some wonderful facts were delivered at this bun-fight it seems.

Some old rugby records were referenced from a rugby record book compiled by Horace Crabtree 34th President 1964 and 1st XV Captain in 1951 in which he has listed all the clubs we have played up until the 1990s – there were a few important results to note. Our record against Harlequins 1st XV (who we beat at 7s at Twickenham in 1955) is Played 12 Won 9 Lost 3, Wasps P 9 W 6 L 3, Rosslyn Park P 7 W 4 D 1 L 2 and finally Saracens 1st XV is Played 15 W7 L 8. 

That's right, Historically Old Rutlishians have won more head to head clashes than they have lost against Harlequins, Wasps and Rosslyn Park. 

Only Saracens edge them out having won 8 of the 15 clashes to the Ruts 7. That does remind me though that Ben, by way of unconscious revenge, scored two tries on the way to beating the Sarries at the Worthing 7s in 2016 (video here).

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