Thursday, September 01, 2022

Mistrusting Ms Truss, my mistress

Dear Ms Truss,

I believe you know everything by magic as you have a PPE degree. (Pernicious Political Elite, or Philosophy Politics and Economics? I can never remember.)

1. Yesterday, 61.5% of UK power generation came from gas (combined cycle). Over the past year it averaged 42.3%. What (in a simplified way we serfs can understand) is a  combined-cycle, natural-gas power plant and why has our dependence upon them rocketed just as LNG prices have gone through the roof? The National Grid Live Status (here) is informative. (Hat tip, Kate Rose Morley.)

2. As Foreign Secretary you will be familiar with the strategic concept and sophisticated government strategy 'Carrier Enabled Power Projection.'

HMS Prince of Wales, the Royal Navy’s £3.5 billion aircraft carrier, looks to be set for a lengthy inspection in a dry dock. The warship remained anchored off the south-east coast of the Isle Wight on Monday, where it broke down on Sunday evening less than 24 hours after setting sail for the United States. 'Power for the projection of" one assumes.

Discuss, paying as much attention to the weakness of your assumptions as the grandeur of any conclusions you may draw.

Worried that I will shortly be your obedient servant,


(P.S. PG would have fired you as an assistant stage manager never mind a holder of one of the Great Offices of State after such a clusterf*ck.)

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