Friday, September 30, 2022

C'mon, C'mon

Ben (born 30/9/2000) and cousin Mia (25/7/2000)
Myself: To visit planet Earth, you will have to be born as a human child. At first you'll have to learn to use your new body to move your arms and legs. You will learn to walk and run, to use your hands, to make sounds and form words. There will be so much for you to learn, and so much for you to feel; sadness, joy, disappointment and wonder. You will grow up, travel, and work. Over the years you will try to make sense of the happy, sad, full, always shifting life you're in. And when the time comes to return to your star, it may be hard to say goodbye to this strangely beautiful world.

Himself: You're crying.

Myself: No I'm not.

Himself: Yes you are. You're definitely crying. Say you're crying.

Myself: Happy birthday, Ben.

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