Sunday, September 18, 2022

Cork upon a tide

Cardiff (my home town) kicked off their United Rugby Championship season in ideal fashion with a fine 20-13 victory over Munster (my DNA) at the Arms Park yesterday. I didn't see it as I was at the beer Festival in the Sultan, though I could (notes for future reference) have watched it on BBC Wales at home via the iPlayer, or on RTÉ 2 at the all-things-Irish Standard.

A thought has occurred to me as I am writing this. When I asked Ben over pizza earlier this week what he wanted for his birthday at the end of the month, he suggested another weekend away along the lines of our Seville sojourn. What about Cork? We could pay homage to our ancestors at their departure point and then kiss the blarney stone in the rebel county.
Ireland’s largest and second most populous county, Cork is also known for its recalcitrance. While many assume its nickname of ‘the rebel county’ refers to its role in Ireland’s 20th-century War of Independence, Cork actually has a much longer history of challenging claims to authority.
That sounds like us. Fill your boots here.

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