Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Wednesday's Affairs

They've started dressing the set for today's filming. It's furnished with Christmas trees and decorations which I guess gives an idea of the lead time of these things. As I was getting a coffee, a woman told me it is confusing her little girl who is now demanding a bike as a Christmas present.

Anyway, onto the summary of today's thrilling episode. The plot thickens.
After all the kerfuffle Becky, had already guessed that her dad is gay and doesn't mind. Max has something else to worry about now; he slept with Carrie last night! Later, his mother walks in on him kissing Sami. Meredith wants revenge on Dr Hector after he makes life and finances difficult for her and George. Ben flirts with Meredith until Alex vomits over her. Nice. After a visit to his solicitor, Doug admits that Eileen has a strong legal claim on the pub. Ros tells Sami that Max slept with Carrie after their row.

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