Sunday, October 02, 2005

Lawyer Jokes

I don't know how many people read these ramblings but, of the couple of readers I know, one is a solictor, hence
A favourite American riddle runs: �What do you call six hundred lawyers at the bottom of the sea?�. The answer is �A good start�. The riddle itself makes a good start to an inquest on lawyer-bashing, but it is not �the single most prevalent of all current lawyer jokes� in America. That is the one which says that research laboratories are using lawyers instead of rats, the three main reasons being that lawyers are more plentiful, that lab assistants don�t get attached to them, and that there are some things a rat will not do. Other ingeniously wounding reasons have been added. According to Marc Galanter, ten variations appeared in Lame Duck�s 1998 Lawyer Joke-a-Day Calendar; and for the benefit of doubters, or fellow researchers, with access to old unused tear-off calendars, he lists the actual dates on which these jettisonable squibs appeared. ..........more

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