Friday, October 07, 2005

The End of the Affair

Fed up with his twin, Justin and Marc agree to let Ben stay on their sofabed indefinitely. Conrad steals a photo of Tanya on her wedding day from Gary. George is frustrated after Dr Hector demands cash for his broken organiser. Meredith and George are shocked when Dr Hector turns out to be the person viewing their spare room to rent! Eileen is overjoyed when Doug and Cat reluctantly agree to hand over the Black Swan. Triumphant, she kicks out Katie. Meanwhile, Sami tells a lying Max that Carrie is welcome to him.

I'm exhausted after a week of of breathless synopses of Family Affairs episodes and the crew packed up and left yesterday.

It also seems that the episode that we saw them put in the can is one of the last as the BBC has reported that
Five has axed Family Affairs after more than eight years and 2,250 episodes. The last episode of the long-running soap, launched in March 1997, will be broadcast at the end of the year.
Soyanara baby.

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