Monday, October 24, 2005

Comments and Trackback

Back when dinosaurs ruled the earth I changed the comment system on this blog so that it used haloscan rather than the native blogger system. I remember that I did this because Haloscan supported trackbacks while blogger did not. This is perhaps ironic because, although I had an intuition that trackbacks might be some sort of technique for interpolating a post on my own weblog into a comment stream on another, I never entirely understood or used them.

Up until last Friday evening I had only ever noticed one comment, but idly paging through my back pages I discovered that - although sparse among the torrent of my blather - I had quite a few.

I shouldn't miss any more as I have subscribed to the RSS feed that haloscan provides for my comments, but I want to apologise to, among others:

Christine Stokes, thanks for information on Merton Abbey and Pope Adrian
Tom and Sue Hathaway, thanks for 'Full Bacon Jacket" and more
Simon Brunning, thanks for for local colour.
"Bill" Bainton, thanks for getting in touch
Island Monkey, thanks for the the Zen ideas
Rhys, thanks for all things Welsh
Norman Geras, thanks for giving me a raft of new six degrees of separation options.

I've also got trackbacks, but they will have to wait for another day when I have time to figure them out.

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