Sunday, October 23, 2005


I took the boys to the hospital yesterday to see Nigel. He is not doing all that well, but he is a brave and cheerful soul. He was on a paracetemol drip - at least it isn't morphine yet - and having a blood transfusion in the same way but he was remarkably chipper under the circumstances.

Years ago on a visit to the same hosptial when Jane's gran was ill we saw Kylie Minogue sitting outside a nearby coffee shop. She was on her own and very low key, minding her own business. I doubled back to check that it was her while pretending to read the menu in the window.

"Who's Kyle Minogue?" asked Raybs when I told him.

"You know, the singer," I said.

"Why didn't you get his autograph?" he asked. Fame is fickle. These were the days before "Can't get you out my head" put her back on top again. He would have been unlikely to mistake her for a bloke if he'd seen that video.

I couldn't help but like the unassuming cut of her jib that day. It is sad to think that she he fighting cancer just like Nige now.

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