Monday, October 17, 2005

Snouts in the Trough

The United States has expressed 'amazement' at a United Nations invitation to Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe to address a hunger conference in Rome on Monday to mark the 60th anniversary of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

'I find it amazing they've invited Mr Mugabe to speak at the 60th anniversary, who in a way has done so much to hurt the hungry, and who has absolutely turned his back on the poor,' said Tony Hall, US ambassador to the UN food agencies in Rome.

'I find it amazing. What can he possibly say to us at the conference, when he has done so much to hurt his own people? Food has been used as a weapon against his own people,' Hall said late on Friday.

Well Mugabe is certainly an expert on hunger. Here are the contact details for the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation just in case you feel like contacting them to express an opinion. I certainly will be.

Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
00100 Rome,
Telephone: (+39) 06 57051
Cable address: FOODAGRI ROME
Telex: 625852/610181 FAO I
Fax: (+39) 06 570 53152

I can't help wondering if the twenty first century wouldn't be better off if the UN when the way of the League of Nations and retired in its sixtieth year.

This fiasco is just the latest. Mark Steyn says there is no cure for the UN.
Mr Annan�s ramshackle UN of humanitarian money-launderers, peacekeeper-rapists and a human rights commission that looks like a lifetime-achievement awards ceremony for the world�s torturers is not a momentary aberration. Nor can it be corrected by bureaucratic reforms designed to ensure that the failed budget oversight committee will henceforth be policed by a budget oversight committee oversight committee. The oil-for-food fiasco is the UN, the predictable spawn of its utopian fantasies and fetid realities. If Saddam grasped this more clearly than Clare Short or Polly Toynbee, well, that�s why he is � was � an A-list dictator and they�re not.

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