Saturday, October 08, 2005

Never take sides against the family affairs again

My brother has precised a great American film in the style of Family Affairs.

Vito is hosting his daughters wedding and granting audiences organised by Tom. Sonny listens in as he will one day take over the family business. Genco is in dying in hospital and vito takes all the family to see him. Later scolotso proposes drug distribution through the family, the Don doesn't like the idea but Sonny makes it known that he would be interested. Scholotso and the Tataglias attempt to kill Veto ! Yikes ! The Don is shot but not killed. Sonny takes over the family while the Don is out of action. He has Bruno killed which causes a rift in the five families so they hit the mattresses. Bruno's family arrange to Hit Sonny on the Causeway, Ouch ! When Vito hears this he will want to call an end to the war but is he still a Target for Scolotso? Michael shoots Scholotso in the finest Italian veal restaurant in the city ! Mike is sent away while things settle. The Don is back in control and in a meeting with the heads of all the families, he realises Bardzini is behind the whole scholotso business ! Mike returns and takes matters into his own hands killing the dons on the day of his daughters christening, Cheeky ! Does his sister dare ask the new Don about Fredo's demise?

It inspired me to try my hand at a great American novel.
Tom and Daisy invite Nick to dinner. On his way home Nick sees his neighbour Gatsby. A while later Gatsby invites Nick to one of his famous parties. Cool. Jordan tells Nick that Gatsby has been in love with Daisy since before the war. Gatsby and Daisy rekindle their affair. Gatsby, Jordan, Tom and Daisy meet for lunch and Tom is jealous and suspicious. They drive to the city and on the journey Tom sees his mistress at her husband's garage. Oops. The gang meet up in a hotel to drink Mint Juleps. Gatsby tells Tom that he loves Daisy and Daisy loves him. Gatsby and Daisy roar off in a car and accidentally run over and kill Myrtle who is Tom's mistress. Nick lies to George who is Myrtle's husband, and tells him that she was Gatsby's mistress. George shoots Gatsby as he swims in his pool and then turns the gun on himself. Nick organises Gatsby's funeral but no one comes except the minister and Mr. Gatz who is Gatsby's father from Minnesota.

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