Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Keep Cookin'

Keep Cookin' is a voluntary, grassroots effort. It is not a formal organization, but rather an ad hoc group of concerned individuals. We're contributing our time and services to ensure that Louisiana Cookin' Magazine continues to be published despite the devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina & the New Orleans flooding on the magazine's publisher and staff.
[Our e-mail address: helpkeepcookin (at) hammock.com]

As individuals, the entire staff of Louisian Cookin' Magazine have each been dramatically impacted by natural disaster. They are each evacuated to different parts of a five-state region and are faced with a myriad of personal challenges.

Romney Richard, the owner and publisher of the magazine, has lost her home and office and is currently in temporary quarters in Baton Rouge. Hearing of her plight, and wanting to assist her and her staff in keeping the popular magazine alive for its staff, advertisers and readers, a group of individiuals in the magazine publishing industry are volunteering their services to temporarly 'adopt' or 'foster' publish the magazine.

I think the Keep Cookin' blog is a fine idea. I'm subscribed and it is in my blogroll. Let's see what happens.

Did you know that in the Cajun-Creole tradition they call onions, green bell peppers, and celery the holy trinity?

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