Thursday, October 06, 2005


Today on family affairs ...
Eileen's skulking around, knowing all eyes are on her. Cat goes into shock after Eileen tells her that she's contesting Pete's will; she wants everything. Eileen is lost after Katie kicks her out of the pub flat. Nurses Meredith and George have a room spare but would they want 'Wanton Eileen' in there? Ignoring Yasmin's advice, Sami tells Max that he kissed Brett. Will's kicking himself after Katie refuses to talk things over with him. And Alex is nervous about proving himself on the pitch. He scores, but did he get it in the right goal?

Noodling around on the web I was amazed to find that the show has an entry on the wonderful Internet Movie Database site.

Did you know that when it was first launched on the web, and before it was bought by Amazon, this compendium of all things filmic was called the Cardiff Internet Movie Database and hosted on servers at the University of Wales?

I have consulted with the committee and we have agreed that this makes it the first website worthy of the honourific - hitherto confined to human beans - Welsh Born Icon.

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