Monday, October 03, 2005

Family Affairs

Two young ladies just popped their heads in asking if I had a key for the empty office suite next to ours. It seems that they are shooting for a Channel 5 soap called Family Affairs here on Wednesday and Thursday.

I googled the show and found its home page. This is the scenario for the episode that is going out at 6:30 this evening.
Katie's found the red knickers and wants to know: a) who they belong to and b) what are they doing in her kitchen. She calls Dan because Will said he had brought a girl back, but will Dan fall in with Will's cover story? Love is in the air once again; Max has returned with gifts for Sami and says he wants him to get to know the kids better. They'll be staying over more. Meredith and George still owe Justin money for the deposit on the house. Meredith tries the old flirting tactic to get around the money owed, but will Justin fool for it?

Doesn't look like I'll be setting the video for it unfortunately.

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