Monday, October 31, 2005

New boots

My little boy has been going to tag rugby coaching on Saturday mornings for a few weeks. Up until now the ground has been dry enough for him to play in training shoes, but this week it was wet and muddy so I decided to take him out to get his first proper studded boots.

We bought them at a sports shop in the afternoon. He was delighted with the grown upness of it all, and I was equally and oppositely thrilled by the cuteness of the tiny things.

Thinking about it in the shower this morning, I remembered my few seasons playing the coarsest of coarse rugby when I first moved up to London.

As God is my judge, we really had a captain who one week gave us the following pep talk.

"It's a horrible wet, windy day lads.

"The ground's treacherous underfoot, and the ball's going to be like a piece of soap.

"This week, they're going to drop it just as much as we do!"

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