Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tuesday's Affairs

After yesterday's dismissive post, I have to recant and say that I am finding the potted summaries of the upcoming episodes of Family Affairs strangely compelling. I have decided to run them each day this week in honour of the local filming. Here is what is coming up today.
Katie reads an incriminating text message from Eileen on Will's phone. Oops. Katie then gets Dan drunk to get the truth from him and has an excruciating confrontation with Eileen in front of the entire pub. While Sami feels life is passing him by because Yasmin and Brett are out clubbing, Max wonders how to tell Becky, his daughter that he's gay. Sami tells Max that he's tired of always coming second to his family. Max finds comfort in the arms of Carrie! Alex knocks Marc off his bar stool and now has to play football in his place.
Part of the genius I think lies in running it all together in one breathless paragraph.

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