Saturday, July 08, 2023

ULEZ? No, Straight. You?


I’m a Labour MP: there’s nothing fair about the Ulez expansion

Robbing tradesman of their livelihoods or pensioners of their transport is wrong


Last week, I was sitting in my weekly constituency surgery when a lovely lady called Anne walked in to see me. Anne is 79, and like a lot of people who come to my surgeries, she has been worrying about how she is going to pay for the new £12.50 a day Ulez charges that will be introduced in August.

Despite being 79 years old, she still works three days per week at St Helier Hospital on the switchboards. She goes to church on a Sunday and does her shopping with the rest of her weekend. She uses her car for it all.

After August she might have to give it all up. It isn’t worth the £2,900 a year charge she will have to pay.

Even though she is a blue disabled badge holder, Anne doesn’t qualify for a Ulez exemption because she does not receive disability benefit. Faced with that minefield of paperwork, lots of people in Anne’s situation would avoid the hassle and give up her work in the NHS.

As a Labour MP, standing up for working people, I do not see how that is right or fair.

Siobhain McDonagh, our beloved none-more-labour, local MP ha an article in the none-more-conservative Daily Telegraph yesterday protesting Sadiq Khan's ULEZ expansion. If he, the Labour mayor, has lost her I think he must be doomed.

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