Wednesday, July 26, 2023

The Nobel Prize in Literature

Having rehearsed 'Endgame' at Riverside Studios in 1980, four years later Samuel Beckett's collaborator asked him his preference for rehearsal space.

Beckett's response was "Try for Riverside again". And so, in 1984, Beckett returned to Hammersmith - and was captured leaving the building by photographer John Minihan.

Having written about Dario Fo yesterday, I was reminded that Samuel Beckett worked at the Riverside as well. I am surprised that I have never mentioned that here before. Peter said that when he was there, the post arriving in the office more than doubled because of the amount addressed to S. Beckett Esq. which is an elegant delineation of the inconvenience of fame.

When I think that he directed The Dwarfs by Harold Pinter at the Traverse in Edinburgh in 1966, and Landscapes and Silence by the same author at at the Lincoln Centre in New York in 1970, it is quite a thing to have worked alongside three individuals who have won The Nobel Prize in Literature over the course of a career.

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