Saturday, July 15, 2023


TAKRAR | تكرار from Waref Abu Quba on Vimeo.

The art of Istanbul dances to life in a tribute to the city’s timeless beauty

Built from images gathered around Istanbul, the short video Takrar – from the Arabic for ‘repetition’ – is a mesmerising celebration of the city’s multicultural, centuries-long legacy of art, design and architecture. Intricately pieced together by the Syrian German filmmaker Waref Abu Quba from some 2,900 photographs taken over two years, the stop-motion short contains images spanning Islamic, Ottoman, Greek and Byzantine designs. Set to a lively, percussive soundtrack, Abu Quba’s labour of love makes for a riveting tribute to the city’s timeless beauty and rich history.

Istanbul has got to be on the bucket list for the occasional weekends when Ben and I check out a new destination.

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