Friday, July 28, 2023


I built you because this is what I do. It’s my job. These are my tools, I used them, and honestly it’s not that hard – you’re basically a chatbot.
I'm not, truth be told, desperately enthused by this. I may well pop down to the Hampstead theatre though and make it September's monthly theatre visit just to see, given the amount of work I have done on AI, what sort of a fist they can make of a play inspired by it.
Merril is one of Silicon Valley’s leading software engineers, but her life disintegrates when her younger sister Angie vanishes on her way vfrom college.  A year later, when the police have long abandoned their search, Merril assembles all the digital material Angie has left behind and sets about building herself a digital simulation of her sister.  The resultant ‘virtual Angie’ offers her some solace – until, that is, it starts to reveal new details about the real Angie's disappearance…

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