Wednesday, July 05, 2023

It’s one-on-one out there

I watched both Andy Murray and Cameron Norrie win their opening matches at Wimbledon yesterday after work.

I have written the story of Norrie's Cardiffian grandfather and Steve Biko before (Icons passim) before but it is always worth revisiting when the tennis is on in SW19.

What I am surprised to find out I haven't talked about before though is Andy Murray's visit years ago to Singlegate, Ben's old primary school. Brian Moore, the ex-England Rugby International was with him as well.

I remember being particularly impressed when Frankie, the school secretary, told me that it was stressed to her that, while he was delighted to come (and indeed was delightful with the kids when he arrived) he didn't want any press there and was just doing it in a private capacity.

Class. I've wondered ever since what else he might do out of the public eye, but just on its own merit not for any kudos.

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