Sunday, July 30, 2023

Would Huw Believe It?

Private Eye

WITH Huw Edwards receiving in-patient mental health care and the BBC warning that its internal investigation is likely to go on at least until the autumn, many questions over the Sun's series of splashes remain unanswered. 

The Eye has seen details of the complaint made by the stepfather of the young man at the centre of the initial story when he presented himself at the front desk of the BBC's office in Cardiff on 18 May. It specified that Edwards had first met him when he was 18 and there was no mention of photographs being exchanged, or any contact at all, prior to this age. 

The stepfather also said the family had already contacted South Wales Police to report what was going on, but that the force had already told them nothing illegal appeared to have occurred. Although an amount of more than £30,000 exchanging hands was mentioned, there was no mention of it being used to buy drugs.

Well I never, Cardiff and the South Wales Police are at the epicentre of the strange case of Huw Edwards. I had no idea.

The old home town will be in the rear view mirror when I head back to London this morning, but my brother Vince and I had a wholesome day there yesterday; visiting mum in Ty Enfys, tending to dad's grave, and unwinding exploring the newly reopened Lisvane & Llanishen Reservoirs and the various footpaths that lead to them.

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