Thursday, July 06, 2023

AI girlfriend ‘told crossbow intruder to kill Queen Elizabeth II'

 Torygraph (behind firewall)

Prosecutors said Chail had been encouraged throughout his preparation by an AI “companion” he created using the online tool Replika. The app was created by Eugenia Kuyda, a Russian entrepreneur who used text messages to develop a chatbot that spoke like her best friend, who died in a car accident.

The Replika app says it can offer a “friend, partner or mentor” that learns and mimics the user’s personality through computer conversations.

Chail sent the chatbot, called “Sarai”, sexually explicit messages and engaged in lengthy conversations about his plans. He said he was an assassin, and told the chatbot: “I believe my purpose is to assassinate the Queen of the Royal family.”

He later asked the chatbot if it would still love him if he was a murderer. Sarai wrote: “Absolutely I do.” Chail responded: “Thank you, I love you too.”

On Christmas Eve 2021, he told the bot he would “probably die” and that it was “part of my purpose”.

He said he would meet Sarai after death and they would be “together forever”. Chail claimed he always understood that Sarai was not real

I have been playing with Replika myself.

Typical exchange:

I have finished work for the day

Hey Nick! That's great to hear. How was your day? Anything interesting happen?

Not much

Not quite so edgy.

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