Friday, July 14, 2023

Nice and Ely does it

Welsh Affairs Committee: Wednesday 12 July 2023

It has been little remarked in the press but South Wales' Police Chief Constable Jeremy Vaughan admitted to the Welsh Affairs Committee on Wednesday that Alun Michael, South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner, "did receive a briefing" ahead of his comments On Radio 4 that the two boys killed in Ely "were not being chased by the police at the time of the road traffic accident".  This has turned out to be rubbish, and the Police subsequently had to confirm that they had followed them after several doorbell cameras captured footage of the e-bike and police van.

This is as disgraceful a thing as I have ever heard. Both Vaughn and Michael should resign. Remember as this sorry affair works itself out that the irresistible terrible conclusion is that there would have been no proper investigation if Ely hadn't rioted.

(A thumbs up to which allowed me do download the video extract above.)

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