Sunday, July 02, 2023


The latest Marvel project includes the likes of superstars Samuel L Jackson, Olivia Colman - and a Cardiff accent.

Kingsley Ben-Adir, who plays Gravik in Secret Invasion, told Buzzfeed he looked to Butetown in Cardiff when developing the character.
He makes a decent fist if it as well. Take a look at the video above.

Attention. Air raid alert, proceed to the nearest shelter.
Don’t be careless, your overconfidence is your weakness.
The air alert is over, may the Force be with you.
I have wondering if my phone has been hacked for the last couple of weeks. Every now and then, it has been addressing me with the messages above in the middle of the night, along with sound effects and some override that stops me turning the volume down. I got the all clear late enough this morning for me already to be awake when the all clear sounded, so I made a note of the text and googled it. 

'Mark Hamill lends ‘Star Wars’ voice to Ukrainian air-raid app' I was told. I'd installed it after Jone told me about it after his last mission over there, set it to Kyiv and completely forgotten about it. Actually, now that it is turned off, it is quite sobering to think all the alarms that I have been hearing were genuine alerts in Ukraine's capital.

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