Friday, July 21, 2023

Vietnam v Rishi Sunak

Johnson had no respect for the standards of governance, the integrity of institutions, or the crucial importance of making rational choices between often incompatible public-policy objectives. His legacy of populist mendacity cannot be buried by the naming of a new Conservative Party leader. On the contrary, Long Boris is shaping – and distorting – the election process.

Chris Patten.

Much to my surprise Johnson's old seat is the only one the Conservatives retained in yesterday's by-elections, for all that is was so close there was a recount and there seemed to be a large anti Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan protest vote about ULEZ expansion (see Icons passim). Of the other two one fell to the Lib Dems and one to Labour. The swing in the latter from Conservative to Labour of 23.7 percentage points is the second largest managed by Labour at a by-election since 1945.

All very well, but I have drawn Vietnam in Colliers Wood's FIFA Women's World Cup sweepstake.

  • 22/7/2023 USA v Vietnam (2:00am) BBC1
  • 27/7/2023 Portugal v Vietnam (8:30am) ITV1
  • 1/8/2023 Vietnam v Netherlands (8:00am) ITV4

All the group games are on terrestrial TV. That is handy. Pat has got Portugal, Fiona Netherlands, and John USA, so that is Group E in SW19.

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