Thursday, July 28, 2022

Happy Birthday, John

So little brother, here you are "another year older and deeper in debt." I slipped you the t-shirt above as a token of my esteem,  last time you were up, so I would like to see a photo of you in it today. That way I can bond with your girls as we laugh at you.

I just realized the sentiment printed on it also applies to Rod M. I'll get him one as well (over by yer), if the International Man of Mystery every stays still long enough for me to sort out a delivery. He is shortly to be in transit I understand (details on a "need to know" basis) between Crete and Germany. The man makes Patrick Leigh Fermor look like a stay-at-home-pipe-and-slippers, rank amateur.

Prodnose: Did you get yourself a T as part of the original order?

Myself: Rude not to.

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