Sunday, July 17, 2022

A Personal History

It looks like Jeremy Bowen may be at Bookfest in September promoting his latest: The Making of the Modern Middle East: A Personal History. As I have said before he was in primary school with me though a few years older. I might not even remember him if it wasn't for the fact that his brother Nicholas Bowen was in my class, directly above me in alphabetical order with a name practically an anagram of mine. We were for ever getting each other's exercise books returned to each other by distracted teachers.

Amazon's blurb says the book is partly based on Jeremy's acclaimed podcast. I have found it here. Five years old but almost certainly worth a listen.

I must mention it to PG this morning. More evidence for his theory that ex-pupils of De La Salle and St Illtyd's cast a longer shadow on the world than one might imagine.

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