Friday, July 22, 2022

Why don't you tell us what you really think?

 The line up for Wimbledon Bookfest's Sunset Festival (22-26 September on Wimbledon Common) is out. Continuing the Royal theme that started in Sunrise. my eye is drawn to Sam McAlister: Scoops.

Sam McAlister, the woman who brought Prince Andrew’s infamous 2019 interview to our screens, sheds light on some of the most unforgettable journalism of our times.

‘The words he said in that Newsnight interview... may come to be the only testimony we have.’ Emily Maitlis. 

It has dawned on me this morning that Sam McAlister's Scoops is the book that is apparently being made into a film of Prince Andrew's notorious interview. It is like I live in some sort of yellow-press wonderland.

Emily Maitlis infested my life in the evening as well at the NT Live showing of Prima Facie. I was genuinely infuriated by the endless, virtue-signalling cacophony over which she supposedly presided before the curtain went up. Can't we just make our own minds up?

In the final days of rehearsals, Jodie Comer and Suzie Miller met with DSI Clair Kelland and criminal barrister Kate Parker and, with journalist Emily Maitlis chairing, discussed the play and its wider social context. 

Are we supposed to believe that girls and women are safer because these five sat around blowing smoke up each others' backsides? DSI Clair Kelland infuriated me particularly. Try her about 13 minutes in, "I think we're getting so much better." Why does she think the police are getting "so much better"? It is a complete mystery to me.

As for Maitlis, words fail me. What was her (admittedly back-firing) Newsnight interview with Prince Andrew supposed to be, apart from an establishment cover up, before it crashed and burned? And she was complicit in it. Explain to me again how anything she has ever said or done has helped any of Jeffry Epstein's lost, lonely, innocent victims in any way at all. The contempt I have for her is nothing compared to the contempt she has exhibited for them.

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