Friday, July 08, 2022

Once a Catholic

Andy H and I are in the habit of comparing our Wordle performances of a morning. He got it in two today; twice as good as my four.

The word to be guessed changes at midnight, so today's answer has to be embargoed until after that to stop anyone stumbling over it here. Yesterday's is fair game though as it is done and dusted.

It was agape. "In Catholicism," I told Andy (via an encrypted WhatsApp message), 'agape (/ɑːˈɡɑːpeɪ, ˈɑːɡəˌpeɪ, ˈæɡə-/; from Ancient Greek ἀγάπη (agápē)) is "the highest form of love, charity" and "the love of God for man and of man for God".'

"I thought it was staring with your mouth open 🤣," came back from him.

"Catholicism is mostly staring with your mouth open," I replied channeling my my inner Norman St John-Stevas.*

Merely an aperçu after yesterday, but I noticed that The Rest is Politics did have to post another podcast after the BoJo ructions. I have only embedded it above to test doing that from Acast where it is hosted.

*Speaking of Norman St John-Stevas and politics, it has struck me that Boris Johnson's interview with the Liaison Committee on Wednesday was one of the occasions this week when his authority noticeably ebbed away,
The Liaison Committee is made up of Select Committee Chairs. It considers the overall work of select committees, promotes effective scrutiny of Government and chooses committee reports for debates. It questions the Prime Minister about policy, usually three times a year.
In his role as Leader of the House, Stevas has been credited with the creation of the House of Commons' system of select committees, which enable backbench MPs to hold ministers to account. A very significant achievement in my humble opin.

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