Friday, July 01, 2022

Full-Court Press

 I was idly Googling the US Supreme Court last night (the justices never seem to be out of the news lately what with overturning Roe v Wade and yesterday's ruling limiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s power to regulate emissions from fossil fuel-fired power plants) when I came across a table in Wikipedia.

Religious makeup of the current Court
NameReligionAppt. byOn the Court since
John Roberts (Chief Justice)CatholicismG.W. Bush2005
Clarence ThomasCatholicismG.H.W. Bush1991
Samuel AlitoCatholicismG.W. Bush2006
Sonia SotomayorCatholicismObama2009
Elena KaganJudaismObama2010
Neil GorsuchAnglicanism/CatholicismTrump2017
Brett KavanaughCatholicismTrump2018
Amy Coney BarrettCatholicismTrump2020
Ketanji Brown JacksonProtestantismBiden2022
Isn't that remarkable? It is overwhelmingly Catholic. If we claim Neil Gorsuch for the left footers, it just leaves one Jew and one Protestant to make up the numbers. No WASPS at all, Ketanji Brown Jackson being an African-American woman. 

I am astonished this isn't bigger news. To put it in context there have only ever been two Catholic presidents; JFK and Joe Biden. Neither known for their piety, or devotion to canon law. To be honest I am bemused that Biden, and Nancy Pelosi for that matter, haven't been excommunicated.

"This one will run and run," Fergus Cashin - Irish Cardiff Catholic“™”.

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