Friday, July 29, 2022

How the English learned to hate Catholics

Medieval England was proudly Catholic, but after the Reformation, anti-catholic prejudice came to be a cornerstone of English and then British identity.
I stumbled on this Gresham College lecture by Alec Ryrie yesterday. Fascinating stuff; on the surface the cue ball cannons from Henry to Edward to Mary to Elizabeth, yet so much of what made the real day-to-day difference seems to arise from pragmatic decisions by faceless bureaucrats just trying to get by. The dreary and relentless march of politics.

I shall be paying more attention to Prof Ryrie going forward. Herewith "all his works... and all his empty promises" at Gresham.

I have also, courtesy of the the Prof, got The Problem Of Unbelief In Sixteenth Century: The Religion of Rabelais by Lucien Febvre on my reading list; of particular interest, Febvre's notion that - what we think of as, atheism - was impossible before Descartes.

Prodnose: Seriously? Do you expect anyone to read this guff?
Myself: Not desperately bothered, truth be told. If you are after a LOVE ISLAND DAY 53 RECAP other outlets are available.

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