Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Forewarned is Forearmed

 Bit of a shock yesterday morning when the passive key in my pocket seemed to opt out of allowing me to start the car with the usual procedure of depressing the clutch and pressing the ignition button. I seemed to manage to get it working again by locking and unlocking the car, but it is a warning.

The car's VIN is WF05XXGCC5JT15754. It can hardly be a secret if it is visible through the windscreen on the dashboard.

It seems that the car won't start if the passive battery key has no charge.

Failure to Start

The system does not function if:

  • The passive key frequencies are jammed.
  • The passive key battery has no charge.
If you are unable to start your vehicle, do the following:

Center Console Tray Removal

  1. Open the floor console storage compartment lid.
  1. Remove the tray.

Intelligent Access Key Backup Slot

  1. Place the passive key flat on the symbol at the bottom of the floor console storage compartment.
  1. With the passive key in this position, you can use the button to switch the ignition on and start your vehicle.
So now we know. As for changing the battery:

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