Wednesday, May 31, 2023


I had a weird Monday to Friday last week. No phone (I smashed the screen on Sunday Icons passim) and no car (as it when in for cosmetic repairs dating back to August Icons passim).

I ordered a new handset on Tuesday, but it didn't arrive until Friday because DPD are s useless. On Wednesday they claimed that they had missed at 11:56, though I was there all the time. On Thursday. they arrived at half past seven in the morning only to find the office empty. Imagine that! Then on Friday I got up at the crack of dawn and still got a message saying they had missed me. This time however my dander was up so I charged out of the Apprentice Shop and caught the delivery man before he managed to get in his van and skedaddle. My manner was was somewhat curt.

Anyway, walking (no car) round with no phone and no car for a whole set of weekdays, really gave me an internal reset. Everyone else wandering round and bumping into each other while staring intently at rectangular screens in their hands with white wire hanging out from the buds in their ears looked initially absurd and then, by the end of the week, sinister.

I must not ever get caught up in that madness.

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