Saturday, May 13, 2023

Oh My Way to Bamako

Telegraph: 12 May 2023 • 4:14pm
Wagner troops ‘raped and tortured dozens in Malian killing spree’
UN reports on incident in 2022 which rights groups call the worst atrocity in a 10-year conflict between Islamist groups and the army
Malian soldiers suspected of working with Wagner mercenaries probably executed at least 500 people and sexually assaulted or tortured dozens of others during a five-day operation in the village of Moura in central Mali in 2022, the UN Human Rights Office said on Friday.

On March 27 2022, Malian soldiers and foreign personnel descended in helicopters and opened fire on fleeing residents, the report said. In a round-up of civilians in the following days, hundreds more were shot and thrown in ditches.

The report was released after a months-long investigation into what rights groups called the worst atrocity in a 10-year conflict between Islamist groups and the army. Thousands have died and millions have been displaced.
The story above doesn't seem to be very widely covered and I can't seem to find the UN report itself anywhere. Time to call in the Kitchen Cabinet's International Man of Mystery methinks. He actually went to Mali with the EU early in 2018 (Icons passim). I well remember him telling me he following in June last year, which is relevant for all it came as news to me.
One thing is true about Russia and former Soviet Union and Eastern bloc as education magnet for African and other students... Cheap etc but also seen as attractive because of perception that Soviets helped bring about independence and decolonization etc. So many Africans speak fluent Russian... The Governor of Segou in Central Mali spoke Romanian. My old boss in Congo, a Malian, spoke fluent Serbian.
Update 13:35: My Man Came Good

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