Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Trauma and Hope

I meet my mate Steve semi regularly after work in Tooting's Broadway Market for a bit of literature chat over a glass or two of something. (In his day job he is Associate Director of Clinical Services at an NHS Foundation Trust.)

He has invited me to 'Trauma And Hope' - Meeting Dr Yasser Abu Jamei on May 25th, said another friend of his, Ben Jamal, will probably be there as well, and sent me this video of Ben talking about the 2020 Nakba Rally. It turns out he is the Director of Palestine Solidarity Campaign. As I listened to him talk about his paternal Palestinian heritage and his British mother I naturally thought of Hannah Khalil so I sent the details over to her. Here's Ben talking about it as an introduction to a Nakba Rally video.


I think I will be go along to see what Gaza's pre-eminent psychiatrist has to say on a rare visit outside the blockaded Gaza Strip, for all that I am no expert. We all need to be taken out of our comfort zones every now and again.

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