Thursday, May 11, 2023

Harlot's Ghost or Stone Mattress

Jane sent me a voice message on WhatsApp at about twenty past seven yesterday. I imagine it was a hands-free transmission while driving to work. She was laughing out loud at a story from Margaret Atwood's Stone Mattress collection that she was listening to on Audible and wanted to recommend it to me. Here is the link.

The other contender for this month's subscription buy is Harlot's Ghost by Norman Mailer. I rather gave up on Mailer chronologically when Ancient Evenings came out and I didn't fancy it, but Rory Stewart praised it to the skies on The Rest is Politics recently.
Harry Hubbard is the son and godson of CIA legends. His journey to learn the secrets of his society - and his own past - takes him through the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the "momentous catastrophe" of the Kennedy assassination.
Actually he and Alastair Campbell discuss how they choose books to read in today's 'question and answer' edition of the podcast. I have embedded that specific section above.

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