Monday, May 22, 2023


Myself: Can I make calls on an Android phone from Windows 10?

Bing in SkypeYes, you can make calls on an Android phone from Windows 10 using Microsoft's Phone Link app. You need to have Bluetooth enabled on both your PC and your Android device. You also need to install the Link to Windows app on your Android device and grant it the necessary permissions. Once you have set up the app on both devices, you can open the Phone Link app on your PC and select Calls. You can then use the dialer or search through your contacts to make a call. You can also receive calls on your PC and accept or decline them.

My phone fell out of my jacket pocket as I got out of the car yesterday. The already cracked screen is not working at all now and I can't access SMS from the PC though WhatsApp still works. I don't know about incoming calls. I will test it on the landline when I get to work. I imagine I will need to order a new handset today.

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